Monolithic Solar Systems blend the installation procedures of PV systems with that of spray foam roofing systems.

First, as with any spray foam roofing installation, the roof must be inspected for damage, repaired if necessary, and cleared of debris.

Next, the installation process veers from that of a typical spray foam roof with the placement of the solar panel stands. When the stands are positioned according to project specifications, they are set in place with low-rise foam adhesive applied to the bottoms of the stands’ posts.

After the stands are situated, spray foam can be installed as described previously: detail work, flat areas, and flashing. Within the scope of the detail work is a particular emphasis on installing additional foam around the posts of the solar stands. Foam is sprayed above the grade of the roof, covering the lower portion of each post.

After the foam has cured, the protective roof coating is installed, and when the coating dries, the panels can be installed on the stands. It’s important to note that the density of the installed spray foam should be high enough to withstand foot traffic for the PV panel installation and periodic maintenance.