Solar PV systems that produce the fastest payback and highest ROI are the key to long-term solar success. Mechanically attached racking systems ensure lower maintenance costs over the life of the solar arrays, delivering the lowest-cost electricity. Once building owners and solar contractors begin to fully appreciate the higher lifetime cost of maintenance associated with ballasted racking systems, the solar installation industry will rely on mechanically attached racking systems. This inheritably creates another issue; massive amounts of new penetrations in the roof membrane and deck substrate.

The solution is the Monolithic Solar System that incorporates low rise spray foam roofing adhesive with high density spray foam roofing to create a racking solution with a distributed load across the area. This will result in additional opportunities for more building owners to capitalize on their rooftop real estate. Like the mechanically attached racking systems it offers the same lower maintenance costs over the life of the solar arrays, delivering the lowest-cost electricity.

PV systems that utilize Non-Penetrating Mounting Systems, called Monolithic Solar Systems, are a combination of a solar power system and a de factospray foam roofing system, Solar Foam Roofing. Basically, solar panel stands are adhered in place and then fastened with spray polyurethane foam (SPF). Even though the spray foam’s primary purpose is fastening the solar panel stands, the SPF roofing system actually compliments the PV system very well. Essentially, a spray foam roofing system can reduce the overall energy needs of a building, thereby facilitating the PV system in providing a greater share, if not the full share, of a building’s energy.